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LP-A school to repair boiler, leaking roof

LAKE PARK - The Lake Park-Audubon School Board may or may not put a new building proposal before the voters in November, but it still has to take care of its existing buildings.

That's why the board approved the lower of two quotes of $11,241 for boiler repair from Precision Mechanical. All boiler tubes will be replaced, since a number are leaking or not working.

The vocal music room has water leaking into buckets when it rains, so the board will also solicit quotes for both steel and regular asphalt roofing.

The board also adopted a resolution to borrow $584,700 through the Aid Anticipation program, with Springsted financial advisors of St. Paul.

The aid program allows availability of funds during low revenue periods. The district actually made money off the program last year, since it received more in interest than it paid to borrow the money, said Superintendent Dale Hogie.

At the meeting last week, Audubon resident George Kohn questioned why the district had increased its borrowing through the program from last year by several hundred thousand dollars.

Last year the district borrowed $382,600 through the program.

In other action, the board:

- Heard bad news about this year's budget.

School Board Member Dale Binde reported on behalf of the Finance Committee that the district saw a $122,000 drop in revenue from last year to this year, while costs rose by $96,000 over the same period, mostly due to higher fuel and heating expenses.

The committee discussed budget cuts, Binde said, but in the end recommended taking no immediate action. The committee did recommend a 10 percent increase in school lunch and athletic admission fees, although the student admission fees will not increase.

- Passed on a one-time opportunity to make a $51-per-pupil transfer from the capital improvements fund to the general fund.

The move requires that the board show that all capital improvement needs have been met this year and next year for the district, "and we can't do that," Hogie said. "With our aging facility, we'll spend that much."

- Approved a 12-month printing contract with Marco for $629 per month. The contract is expected to save money over existing printing costs.

- Hogie reported that a new state law allows districts to levy for post-employment employee benefits.

"If we have an actuarial projection for what those costs will be, we can levy for it," Hogie said. He will check into the matter to see if it's worth pursuing.

- Hogie reported the district will receive $12,000 for handicapped access, and plans to use it, combined with other grants, to complete the district's nature area, complete with a floating deck with ramps that meet handicapped accessibility requirements.

- Approved the 2008-2009 calendar. Changes include Fall Activities Orientation night; moving a parent-teacher conference date; and an early dismissal on Oct. 15 to give students, staff and parents the chance to attend LP-A's football game in the Fargo Dome. Graduation has been set for May 24, 2009.

- Approved Audubon city softball fields for use as the home site for softball games for at least three years.

- Approved a number of personnel contracts: Susan Yeske as elementary special education teacher; Clark Olson as an elementary special education teacher; and a one-year contract with Ashley Mohn as a sixth grade teacher. They also approved a childcare leave request from Kelli Isaacson for 6-10 weeks.

- Approved the resignation of Ken Huesman and Don Askelson from their transportation assignments.

- Returning coaches for 2008-09 are: Jamie Nelson (head volleyball coach); Amanda Greenwaldt (assistant volleyball coach), Robyn Madson (seventh grade volleyball) and Lori Wixo (eighth grade volleyball), Jed Swegarden (head football coach), Andrew Schwan, Lucas Isaacson and Brad Dunham (assistant football coaches), Parker Williams (junior high football), and Clark Olson as ninth grade volleyball coach.

- Approved the following activities for 2008-09, provided they meet the minimum number for participants: Cross-country -- six participants of one gender; golf -- six participants of one gender; football cheerleading -- at least five participants in grades 9-12. No junior high cheerleaders.

- Approved Nicole Voge as the fall co-director for the senior high drama production.

- Approved Jamie Nelson as crisis intervention triage specialist. A $10,000 comprehensive crisis response project grant will be used mostly for salary and benefits over the grant term.

- Approve Katie Eilertson as a half-time high school science teacher, with three hours as a special ed paraprofessional.

- Approved Josh Dahl as elementary music teacher (one or two years).

- Approved Patty Klatt co-prom advisor and junior class co-advisor (both split with Tammy Brooks).

- Approved advertising for several part-time community education positions: Administrative assistant (15 hours per week); newsletter editor (5-7.5 hours per week for 12 months); after-school coordinator (5-7.5 hours per week for 9 months); after-school paraprofessional (15 hours per week for nine months). Hours have been reduced for the newsletter editor and the after-school coordinator.