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'Pioneer History' book available again

The Becker County Historical Society has had "A Pioneer History of Becker County" reprinted in honor of Minnesota's Sesquicentennial.

This 100-year-old book is a must-have for anyone interested in the start of our county and local communities. Author Alvin H. Wilcox knew Becker County since its inception. As vice-president and stockholder of the Wilcox Lumber Company the following biography was featured in the company's 50th year promotional booklet in 1931.

Alvin Wilcox was made Deputy US Surveyor of thirteen townships in the Red River country, including the western half of Becker County. In 1872, he surveyed the city of Detroit (now known as Detroit Lakes). He was indeed a pioneer of Becker County, enduring all the hardships of those early winters, living in tents, wading swamps and half-frozen lakes and a distance of 100 miles away.

Later in life he edited, with the assistance and help of other pioneers of Becker County, a most interesting and detailed history of the County, which covers all developments in lines of religion, politics and business, both in the various towns and also in the county. This pioneer history was published in 1907 and is much used today both as a reference and a textbook covering the earlier developments of the county." Alvin Wilcox died in 1908 only one year after the completion of this book.

This 750-page book is available July 1st for a price of $28.00. All Becker County Historical Society members receive 10 percent any gift shop purchase.

The Becker County Museum & Research Library and Gift Shop are open this summer Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free. Visit or call 218-847-2938 for more information.