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Shooting Star promoting safe behavior

Shooting Star Casino, Hotel and Event Center launched a property-wide effort last week to promote responsible drinking behavior among its guests.

Dubbed as "WE CARE" -- which stands for "WE Create A Responsible Environment" -- the campaign aims to provide a safe, healthy and fun atmosphere for Shooting Star associates and patrons. Special signage, coasters and blinking pins are spread throughout the casino (including its two bars, Mustang Lounge and Eagle's Landing), carrying campaign messages: "We have the right to refuse service: We care about the safety of our guests." and "Keep your dreams alive: Don't drink and drive."

According to Shooting Star's General Manager Eugene "Bugger" McArthur, the campaign is a part of Shooting Star's commitment to be a proactive and responsible member of the White Earth Nation community.

"It is important for us, as a tribally-owned business, not to lose sight of our basic principles: first, we always conduct business in a socially-responsible manner; and second, we must provide a fun atmosphere for all of our customers and associates," says McArthur. "The WE CARE effort was developed to ensure that we continue to deliver on both of these promises."

All food and beverage associates at Shooting Star Casino undergo a training program on the issue of responsible drinking; they are instructed how to detect visible signs of intoxication or minors consuming alcohol, and how to handle situations of excessive drinking among guests. At Shooting Star, alcohol is served and allowed to be consumed throughout the casino.

One of the program's leaders, Harriet Keezer-Thompson who is the manager of the Mustang Lounge at Shooting Star Casino, explains what motivated her and others to launch WE CARE: "We needed to limit opportunity for underage drinking and raise awareness about the consequences of drinking too much and the problems it can cause for other guests who come to our business to enjoy themselves; we hope to see positive feedback from our guests and a change in behavior."

Shooting Star Casino asks that guests support their bartenders and servers when they tell them that they had enough for the night.

"Our ultimate organizational mission is to build a stronger community and a brighter future for our nation," adds McArthur. "It is our responsibility to our guests, associates and the community to advocate a safer drinking culture and take this next step in providing a safe, healthy and fun atmosphere on our premises."