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Vizenor is national delegate

Becker County will have at least one delegate at the Democratic National Convention this year.

White Earth Tribal Chairwoman Erma Vizenor was elected at the state DFL convention earlier this month in Rochester, and will make the trip to Denver for the national convention Aug. 25-28.

DFL sources report that Kent Eken of Twin Valley, who represents a large portion of Becker County in the Minnesota House, is also a delegate this year.

Vizenor follows in the footsteps of former tribal chairman Doyle Turner, who attended the Democratic National Convention as a delegate in Boston four years ago.

The DFL Party recognizes tribal chairs as super delegates at the state level, not at the national level, Vizenor said.

A supporter of Barack Obama, she was one of three delegates elected initially at the state convention.

"A dozen or so of us went to the Super Tuesday caucuses in Becker County," she said. "Many went with Hillary, I was an Obama supporter -- he is inspiring to me, he has a vision for change, for more participation from citizens."

What's more, Vizenor said, "as an African American, I believe Obama understands tribalism." The dynamics behind tribalism govern a large part of the world, she added, and are important for United States leaders to understand, she said.