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Letter: Frazee: 'Let the levy do it's work'

To residents of the Frazee-Vergas school district:  I understand there is a move underway to reduce or revoke the operating levy passed last year.  

Before you do that I would like you to know...I attended three of the 13 informational meetings held last year.  The meetings I attended were well attended, information was presented in a clear manner and questions were answered. What you might not know is that this past legislative session we were able to provide an additional $51 per student in one time money to help struggling school districts. We passed a multi-layered property tax reduction bill. It included $128 million in local government aid to cities and counties.

While not immediate property tax relief, it takes some of the pressure off local units of government that felt they needed to raise taxes to maintain safety and infrastructure. We added $46-million to the property tax rebate program. And we capped local levy limits at 3.9 percent per year for the next three years. 

I wanted you to know this because you should see some of these property tax reductions on your next tax statements.

We are in difficult times...we have seen spikes in our daily expenses and we all have been hit. The state is aware of the problems school districts are facing, from border to border. We are working on solutions. Last year I felt the operating levy you passed was a good short term solution that would give the state more time to find real solutions. The teachers, and staff, and administration all pitched in to help, a true show of unity and support for the plan. The school and the state don't have a silver bullet, but I do believe that to reduce or revoke the levy would not be in the district's best interests.  Let the levy do its work.  Let the state work on a funding solution.  

Thank you for your consideration and support. -- Dan Skogen, State Senate District 10