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Roaming black bear tranquilized in south Fargo

FARGO - A black bear spotted wandering in south Fargo this morning was tranquilized and will be relocated to northeast North Dakota, officials said.

Fargo police received a call at 5:23 a.m. from a resident who spotted the bear east of Interstate 29 in the 3400 block of 36th Street South, near Fleet Farm and Butler Machinery.

The bear crossed 32nd Avenue South into an open grassy area between I-29 and a group of apartment buildings.

Fargo police officers Collin Gnoinsky and Grant Kendall used their patrol cars to corral the bear into an area between the I-29 fence and a drainage ditch on the west side of 36th Street.

A game warden fired two shots of tranquilizer, landing the second shot around 7 a.m. The bear stood for a few minutes before succumbing to the muscle relaxant.

John Reichert of Valley Veterinary Hospital helped load the bear into an animal trailer. He said the animal is probably about two years old and weighs 130 to 150 pounds.

The bear will be released, probably later today, in the heavily wooded Pembina Gorge area of northeast North Dakota, Reichert said.

"Just a young fellow, but very confused this morning," he said.

Officials said that the bear was seen Sunday between Hickson and Horace.