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Highway 10 work shifts to new frontage road

DETROIT LAKES - The traffic has switched over to the new highway, and now it's time for major disruptions to businesses where Highway 10 used to lie.

The now old Highway 10, Roosevelt Avenue, Washington Avenue and more will be closed -- with access to businesses only -- for the next month or so.

"It seemed to flow pretty good," Minnesota Department of Transportation Construction Project Manager Shiloh Wahl said of the traffic shift prior to Fourth of July.

After using the past week to monitor traffic flow on the new highway, MnDOT is making a few changes. One problem noticed and to be addressed is the crossing at Jackson Avenue. Motorists on Jackson Avenue are stopping instead of crossing old Highway 10 and pulling up to the traffic lights, therefore not triggering the loop to make the signal light change.

Wahl said MnDOT is putting a temporary stop sign at Jackson Avenue since everyone is stopping there anyway, and then a "stop here on red" sign closer to the lights to trigger the signals.

The signal systems and intersections at Jackson Avenue and McKinley Avenue will continue to be monitored. Also, signs still need to be removed on old Highway 10, which will be done this week.

A small portion of Roosevelt Avenue will be closed for the next few weeks -- from old Highway 10 to mid-way up the hill, across from city hall, the road is closed.

"For the sake of establishing a timeline for businesses, we said a month," Hoffman Construction Project Manager Chad Johnson said. He added that like last year with Jackson Avenue, the road will likely be opened after a couple weeks and be gravel for a period of time.

"We'll get it (Roosevelt Avenue) to gravel condition and evaluate it" and see if it could be opened early on gravel conditions," he said.

Crews will be working on water and sewer in that area.

Wahl said businesses are certainly being affected more this year, and MnDOT is working with businesses to get signs up to direct traffic to businesses.

"There's a few days learning curve for traffic to know where to go," he said.

At Washington Avenue, the street will be closed south of Highway 10 for two weeks. The closure will be during Water Carnival, but won't affect the parade route.

Other highlights:

n Striping for a left turn lane onto Randolph Road from Roosevelt Avenue, north of the underpass, will take pass this week.

n There will be some night work painting done at the Roosevelt Avenue underpass. Bridge beams need to be painted yet.

n Corrective paving work at Highway 59 and Highway 10 will be done in August.

n Police helped direct traffic at the Washington Avenue and Highway 10 intersection over the holiday weekend, and will likely continue to do so on weekends when needed for the remainder of the month until Washington Avenue opens with signal lights.

n Central Market's main entrance will be moved to McKinley Avenue, where the entrance will be widened.

So far the project is on schedule and "it shouldn't be a problem" to open the remaining lanes of Highway 10 and connecting streets by WE Fest in early August," Johnson said.

"We're right where we want to be."