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Attack on LP-A's Grondahl unfair and unnecessary

We were disappointed in the recent letter from four Cormorant-area men harshly criticizing Lake Park-Audubon School Board Chair Vicky Grondahl.

The letter struck us as an unfair and unnecessary attack on a hard-working, knowledgeable and well-prepared member of the school board.

The letter was unfair in that it criticized Grondahl for doing her job -- enforcing board policy, which is not to accept comments from members of the public during committee meetings.

In our opinion, the letter also mischaracterized many of Grondahl's comments at the board meeting, and the way she handles her duties as chairwoman.

Far from running the meetings through intimidation or an iron fist, Grondahl goes out of her way to encourage discussion among board members, even going so far as to ask the quieter members for their input.

She is a calm, reasonable person with a passion for what she does, and she is outspoken about doing what she believes is right for the children of the school district.

People may disagree with her on the building bond issue, but there is no reason to demonize her, especially when many other members of the school board feel the same way that she does.

The decisions to ask voters for a new school have been unanimous, after all. Everybody on the school board believes it is the right thing to do for the children of the district.

Superintendent Dale Hogie has also taken a lot of undeserved abuse, on this newspaper's online comment board, among other places.

Residents may not know it, but he is one of the best superintendents around -- intelligent, diplomatic, even-tempered, open and honest. LP-A is lucky to have him.

We believe the four Cormorant men -- all strong opponents of a building bond referendum -- sincerely want to help the school district.

They've given their input, and that's important. But they need to step back and let the school board do its work.

As they will find out, if any of them run and win in November, the ultimate decision must be made by those who were elected.

And they will also find out, if they win a seat on the board, that members and administrators have done their homework, actually know what they are doing, and deserve the benefit of the doubt from voters.