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Despite June setback, DL liquor sales strong

DETROIT LAKES - Sales at Lakes Liquors were noticeably different for May and June between 2007 and 2008.

May showed an increase of more than $33,000, and June showed a decrease with about the same dollar amount.

"It's because of a shift in the calendar," Liquor Store Manager Brad MacMaster said.

In June 2007, there were more days for sales including an extra Saturday, while in June 2008, there was an extra Sunday in the month.

"In the past we've been able to make up for it," but this year, while the numbers were noticeably different both months, they ended up canceling each other out," said MacMaster.

The cool weather at the start of the month and now road construction could have impacted sales, but MacMaster said it's hard to put a finger on that. Last week was slower in customer traffic, the first week for construction to fully impact Roosevelt Avenue.

Although sales for the month of June were down more than $33,000 compared to June 2007, they are more than $36,000 ahead of year to date figures for 2008.

Customer count, which would explain the decrease in sales, was down more than 1,500 for the month of June. Year to date though, there has been an increase of 65 patrons.

It's the previous months that have held the liquor store above last year's sales. February reported a $30,000 increase in sales that month, and an increase of 1,100 in customers. May also saw an increase of more than $33,000 in sales and nearly 1,200 in customers.

Smaller decreases like $5,000 in March and $1,300 in April were hardly noticeable.

When July's report comes out, it should show a nice increase in sales. The Fourth of July was a huge success, MacMaster said.

With perfect weather for the long weekend, Lakes Liquors picked up business on Monday and continued throughout the weekend, with July 3 being the busiest day.

"We couldn't have asked for anything more," he said.