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Letter: California wildfires are not the wrath of God

I am vacationing here from Sacramento, California. I very much resent the statements that California will reap millions of dollars in revenue in the wake of legalizing same sex marriage, and also the 1,200 fires could be a coincidence. Obviously, Mr. Svendsgaard doesn't have all the facts. As for same sex marriage, eight years ago, California voters voted against same sex marriage and it passed. Supporters of same sex marriage found a liberal judge who overturned the people's will. It's not about money for Californians, it's about moral values. The gay marriage issue will be voted on again this November.

Some of the fires may be arson, some from campfires not completely put out and not any of them are punishment. Californians are dealing with fires and don't need to be preached to. -- Carol Ward, Sacramento, Ca.