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What they're saying on DL-Online

Our online readers at can comment on most stories immediately and anonymously. Here are some of the more printable comments, edited for grammar, on recent stories. The names, cities of residence and even gender of the authors are not verified and in some cases are different than they appear.

On the upcoming closing of Wisted's Hardware store on North Washington Avenue:

Very sad! ... I remember my Grandpa (Kenny Remmen) going there all the time to get anything and everything for his house and lake cabin ... this store will be missed! -- Jon O., Perham

I will miss it. It's where a person could get what he needed without walking around a huge store for half an hour searching for a product that's usually not in stock. Take care guys, you'll be missed. -- Allen O., Ulen

Wisted's was the "Cheers" of hardware stores. It was a place "where everybody knew your name." It will be sorely missed. Thanks for all you did for so many years! -- Ed L., Detroit Lakes

That's a shame. How many times I went into Wisted's and could always count on them having what you needed with a smile and a thank you, and then stepped next door to have a great burger at Mickey's. Thanks. -- Roger S., Moorhead

Morell was hilarious to work with. Listening to him swearing going up and down the stairs, and when he sharpened the chains. Going up the stairs and then resting on his stool for 15 minutes. Complaining that the chains were being used to cut rocks instead of trees.

I loved working with Ziff, Bruce, and Jane. Having to know a whatcha ma call it, that thing a-modo, the do-hicky, and this thingy that does something. Ron taught me how to figure out what that all meant.

The people were great that came through the store. Even though the building was not in the best shape, it was a building that everyone knew. It's sad that it's closing down, because you knew if Ron and Bruce didn't have it, they could get it for you. The prices were a lot cheaper then some of the other stores.

You guys were a blast to work with and I had a lot of fun there. Good luck guys. -- John Q., Detroit Lakes

The thing that impressed me about both sets of The Wisted brothers was their vast knowledge of everything in the store. All you had to do was to tell any one of them what you wanted to do, and they would not only help you select the proper parts, but they would teach you how to install and maintain them. This is something you will never find in the big box stores. -- Ernie Gieseke, Greenbush, Minn. (A Wisted customer from the 1970s and 1980s.)

Wisted's will definitely be missed. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere of that "small town store" and the wonderful people there who were always willing to help ... and always with a smile! -- Lori N., Detroit Lakes

Another chapter of the old DL going away. -- Andy G., Palatine, Ill.

On the Shriner go-cart crash in the Water Carnival parade:

I feel very strongly that these go-carts need to go. I do not find them the least bit entertaining. Every time they pass my family, I breathe a sigh of relief. I'm not surprised to hear about this accident ... they are a hazard. -- Andrew H., Audubon

I agree ... The Shriners do a wonderful service, but doing the stunts and swerving maneuvers that they do with the speeds that they go, it's an accident waiting to happen. I personally move myself and my kids way back as I am terrified of them losing control. When they skid sideways, there is not much stopping them from rolling, as far as I can tell. -- Craig S., Menahga

I feel very sorry for the people that were hurt, but I do have to say that my little boys are still talking about the little cars that went by them. My family enjoys seeing them. -- Crystal H., Detroit Lakes

I have been coming to the Water Carnival Parade for years, since I was a little girl. These go-karts are the most disgusting part of the parade and have been for years. All they are is a bunch of men playing around, and I have feared for years that someone would get hurt because of their careless driving.

Well, now it finally happened, which is too bad, but maybe now the Jaycees will see they are a hazard and get rid of them. The kids enjoy a little candy being thrown, and if they drove normal and did that, that would be great. -- Sheila A., White Earth

I really enjoy watching the cars myself. Obviously this was just one incident. All the years I've seen the parade we have never seen anything like this. I do believe we should keep the children off the street and curbs during these events, but I would hate to see them go. We've already lost most of our marching bands, what would be left? As it is, the parade just isn't what it used to be. -- Joyce C., Detroit Lakes

Some things over time prove they need to be removed and this is one. Think of those poor kids who will not want to attend another parade for years if ever! -- Debra S., Detroit Lakes

I was at the parade and saw the Shriners. I don't think they were doing anything that put anyone in harm's way! They are a great organization that do a lot of good for kids. I am angry how quickly some people jump on the band wagon to put down such a great organization.

Hello -- it was an accident! You can get hurt crossing the street. Accidents happen. Let's not forget all the enjoyment they bring to people at these parades! -- Dean G., Detroit Lakes

What happened was an accident. If we start taking out parts of the parade because an accident happens, soon enough we won't have a parade to enjoy. -- Jessica H., Detroit Lakes

On putting a "breaking News" headline on the finding of the Water Carnival Admiral's hat:

This is what this town calls breaking news? -- Brittany Y., Minneapolis

Well, Ms. Brittany -- it is better than murder or child molestation ... Nice to see some light-hearted news! -- Renee S.

It is Water Carnival week this week. If you don't understand, then we can't explain either. -- ECL.: Detroit Lakes

Brittany -- I'm with you on this. But you do have to remember that in DL it's all sunshine and lollipops and puppy dogs. -- Deb S., Detroit Lakes

Water Carnival is a tradition. It appears some of you do not understand. Many activities for families and it is great for the community. So all you that are either complaining about the article or what is happening this week Get a life or just leave! To the DL newspaper: Only put negative articles which include murder, rapes, theft, and corruption in the paper. That is what some here only want to read ... Brittany, stick to the Star Tribune and continue reading about the thugs that beat a father nearly to death at Valleyfair. Some fun in the paper can help at times! -- Brian B., Detroit Lakes