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Zogby Electoral College Update: Obama 273, McCain 146, with 119 Votes Too Close to Call

Four states have changed color on the Zogby Electoral College map at, as presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama battle for the upper hand. Obama maintains his substantial lead over McCain in the Electoral College race, the latest map shows, as he remains at 273 votes, but McCain loses 14 votes.

The latest calculations represented by the map are the result of analysis by Pollster John Zogby, based on Zogby and industry polling, as well as other factors.

Pollster John Zogby: "For the time being, Obama maintains the edge and has the strength of a majority of electoral votes. His triumphant foreign trip allows him to continue to define this race. But too many of these states are close and a sizable number are undecided or choosing a third party candidate. So there is a lot of fluidity."

Here are the latest changes and Zogby analysis on the Zogby Electoral College map:

Arkansas - changes from purple to red:

"It may look like a toss-up, but the conservative base is probably too solid for Obama to crack."

Arizona - changes from purple to red:

"The state may be changing, but it is still home turf for McCain. Look for conservatives to come back to McCain."

Florida - changes from red to purple:

"Seniors and whites provide McCain a cushion over Obama. However, no one should count votes here too soon."

South Dakota - changes from red to purple:

"A tough call here, so we'll shade it purple for now."