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Melissa and Dave Opsahl co-admirals for 2009 Water Carnival

This year's admiral is happy with how the Northwest Water Carnival went this time around.

"I was very pleased with it," Frank said of the Water Carnival this year. "I thought it was a successful water carnival. Given the rain Saturday morning, there was still a huge number of runners who showed up."

The weather was beautiful for the Bash on the Beach, which " was probably close to record numbers," Frank said.

Melissa and Dave Opsahl have been appointed co-admirals for the 74th annual Water Carnival in 2009.

They are considering revamping the way clues are given out for the Admiral's Hat Hunt, since the hat was found just 20 minutes after the clues were officially published in the newspaper this year.

There may also be some reconfiguration of the Grand Parade to improve safety and accommodate Shriners, who for safety reasons would prefer not to follow floats where candy is tossed out to the crowd.

The Detroit Lakes Jaycees sponsors the water carnival, and with about 50 active members, "more than double since I became a member," Frank said, "there was more than enough help throughout the carnival."

Here are the winners of competitions held recently as part of the Northwest Water Carnival in Detroit Lakes.

Demolition derby

Stock class -- Tyson Sonnenberg; Four-cylinder class -- Carter Roerick and

Truck class -- Brian Totland.

The Northwest Water Carnival Junior Queen is Chloe Conn and the Junior King is Connor Opsahl.

Talent show

The premier of the Water Carnival Talent Show on Tuesday was a tremendous success, according to Admiral Cara Frank.

Alexa Anderson of Detroit Lakes won the "ages 7-12 years vocal by individual" contest.

Logan Ackerman and Annie Brewer of Moorhead won the "ages 7-12 years non-vocal by group" contest.

The Blank Spots (of Detroit Lakes) won first place in the "ages 13-18 years vocal by group." Second place went to Cole and Grant Remmen of Detroit Lakes.

The "ages 18-plus vocal" contest was won by "Vickie Jo Sings" of Fergus Falls.

The North Star Cloggers of Detroit Lakes, Lake Park and Osage took first place in the "ages 18-plus non-vocal by group" contest.

Second place went to DL School of Tae Kwon Do.

Water fights

Women's Division

First place went to TLC Companies and second place to the DL Jaycees Women.

Co-Ed/Men's Division:

First place went to Detroit Lakes Wrestling Coaches, and second place to the Detroit Lakes Police Department.

Chili and Salsa Cook-off

Best Salsa went to Bob and Casey Bekkerus.

Best Chili: First place went to Lady Luck Chili by The Wenches, and second place to Bob and Casey Bekkerus.

Best Booth went to Modern Heating & Plumbing's Horse Neck Saloon.

The People's Choice Award was won by Lady Luck Chili by The Wenches'

Rick's Choice Award went to Double D's Spicy Sportsman's Chili.

The Gastro Blaster Award was won by Jerry's Optical's Kickin' Chili.

Bean Bag Tournament

First place went to Steve Jenson and Brian Sheppard; second place to Jack Wiedewitsch and Larry Stephenson.

NWC Tri-Athlete

James McCormack won the award. He completed the Lake Swim, The Bike Tour, and the Fun Run/Walk.