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Former Clay County court clerk faces forgery charge

A woman who until recently was a clerk at Clay County District Court is accused in court documents of mishandling a civil file that named her as a defendant and which ultimately went missing.

Diane Sue McCabe, 57, Fargo, is charged with one count of aggravated forgery.

According to court documents:

The Clay County Sheriff's Department received a memo from a court official in June regarding a missing file on a civil judgment case in which McCabe was a defendant.

It was discovered that McCabe, identified in court papers as a former employee, processed the file herself in violation of state policy, falsified documents and mailed forged documents to the attorney for the plaintiff.

By entering a wrong date on a document, McCabe stood to avoid about two month's worth of interest on a debt of less than $1,000, the court documents said.

The file itself was determined to be missing after the plaintiff's attorney made calls to the courthouse asking about it, the court documents said.

Clay County Court Administrator Janice Cossette confirmed Monday that McCabe was no longer employed as a senior court clerk. She declined to elaborate.