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Another successful year for the Becker County Fair

With challenges like gas prices and area construction plaguing area fair-goers, Becker County Fair president Bob Sonnenberg said attendance at this year's fair was "very good."

"I don't think it was lower than last year," he said. "Saturday afternoon was down a little, but we made up for it on other days."

Some of the new events, like the sand run and the minivan class of the demo derby had low turnouts, he said, adding that it's to be somewhat expected since the events were relatively unknown.

"The sand run didn't go real well as far as attendance," Sonnenberg said. "But everyone there said it was a good show and they'd go back. It's so new that people didn't know what it was."

Sonnenberg said he's not sure yet whether they'll bring the sand run back next year, but said it's likely in the next few years.

The demo derbies are typically one of the highest attended events at the Fair, and although Sonnenberg said he got to the Friday event late and missed the minivan class, he said there weren't many participating.

Rumors also flew that there was some trouble with a few Midway rides, but Sonnenberg squashed that as hearsay.

"I don't know anything about that," he said. "The rides were spectacular."

Overall, he said it was a good year for the fair.

"I don't see any reason it shouldn't be profitable, but we won't know for a little while," Sonnenberg said. "We'll see what happens when all those bills come in and the checks are paid."

The 2008 Becker County Fair ran last week from Wednesday, July 23 until Saturday, July 26.