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Fat Cats making waves on ReverbNation

The Fat Cats from Detroit Lakes are a feature band on ReverbNation.

ReverbNation is one of the world's leading Marketing and Promotion Platform and Internet Technology for musicians, record labels, managers and venues.

The Fat Cats are being featured from a list of over 200,000 bands of all genres that are registered and have band profiles on ReverbNation, which has also partnered with Face Book, MySpace and other Internet social groups to help musicians and music professionals alike promote their music and businesses to an eager market of billions of people around the world that have profiles on the Internet.

Fat Cat members include Wes Horn, Dilworth, on bass and vocals, Steve Ingberg, Vergas, on drums, Kerry Boyd on lead guitar and vocals and Doug Newman on lead vocals, who both reside in Detroit Lakes.

What makes ReverbNation unique is the tools it has to offer such as music players, banners, fan collectors, music and product stores that can be used throughout the Internet and even on independents sites including social networks.

ReverbNation notified The Fat Cats via e-mail before leaving for Rock Fest in Cadott, Wis., July 16. The guys in the band were ecstatic upon receiving the news.

"We've worked hard to start making waves. At the time we were notified, we had already climbed to 153 in the rock genre charts. That's out of 29,609 rock bands that have profiles on ReverbNation," member Doug Newman said.

This includes 60 percent of the artists that are currently in Billboards Top 100 charts. Name like 50cents, Madonna, O.A.R., Kenny Chesney, Natasha Bedingfield, Sara Bareilles, Sean Kingston and The Trans Siberian Orchestra just to name a few. So the competition is furious.

Doug Newman commented that it was refreshing to see that other indie bands have been supportive in helping each other get their material out there by mutual cooperation and promoting each other by recommending each other to their fans.

"I haven't had as much (support) with some of the major label artists. I guess maybe some of them either forgot where they came from, or even more likely, they have hired an administrator to handle their profile sites.

"Major labels have huge budgets to market their artist where most indie groups like us are on their own, and really have very little if at all resources to muster up a full marketing budget in comparison to the major artist and labels," he said.

ReverbNation prides itself that its charts are free from manipulation. All activity is tracked and artist has the benefit of knowing whose hitting the widgets and players. This keeps the integrity of the charts free from automatic responders, and fake fan profiles or software that adds plays and the appearance of hits and activity on their site.

Just six days of being a featured band the band climbed to the Top 100 at 92 of 29,609 in the rock category and 275 of over 200,000 artists of all genres.

"The added exposure has impacted our stats significantly," Newman said. "That's why getting to the Top 100 in any chart is so important. The amounts of exposure you get to the masses of music enthusiast multiply immensely and increase your chances of success in this business."

"We owe it all to them (families). We're far from making it big but we're a lot closer than we were before and who knows what could happen," Boyd said.

"All I know is I love performing and playing our music," exclaimed Inberg. "To be able to do so has been a privilege."

Horn, one of the original members of The Fat Cats, said, "I've been in this band for 18 years and it never ceases to amaze me what new adventures are around the corner. It's curious to see that after all these years of playing together we're finding this kind of success in this season of our lives, but I must admit I like it and events are unfolding and doors are being opened that I never thought would be possible. I really look forward to seeing what happens next."

The Fat Cats are taking all the data they've collected and going back into the studio to record their next CD. They hope to have it complete before the New Year.

"It's all so exciting. We all feel like we're almost teenagers again. Even though our bodies don't after an intense live performance. But it's all worth it," Ingberg said.

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