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List of law changes

Some of the new laws that took effect Friday:

n Caucus dates: Democratic-Farmer-Labor and Republican party officials can pick the caucus date. If they cannot agree, the first Tuesday in February will be when caucuses are held in general election years.

n Truth in music: A musical group posing as another group is illegal. A group using a name must have at least one member of the original group.

n Smoke damages: Anyone who causes damage by smoking in a non-smoking hotel or motel room is breaking the law and may be forced to pay damages.

n Internet tickets: Ticket resellers no longer can use computers to snap up tickets so the public cannot buy them on line.

n Dog fight penalties: Not only are owners of dogs who fight committing a crime, now spectators who pay to see dogs fight are, too.

n Bad dogs: Owners of dangerous dogs will be required to purchase $300,000 bonds and anyone who repeatedly has been convicted of dangerous dog crimes cannot own a dog.

n Global warming: Producers and purchasers of gases with a high "global warming potential" must report data on their sales and use to the Pollution Control Agency.

n No ambulance chasing: Health care professionals cannot solicit business from traffic accident victims.

n Good faith: An insurance policyholder may sue the insurance company for not settling a claim in "good faith."

n Flood insurance: Insurance companies must annually tell their customers whether their homeowners' policies include flood coverage.

n Public information: Willful violations of the Data Practices Act by a government carries a penalty of up to $15,000.

n Open meetings: Even governmental meetings closed to the public must be recorded.

n Tinted windows: A motorist must have a doctor's prescription to tint some vehicle windows.

n Text messaging: It is illegal for a driver to send a text message.

n Young drivers: In the first six months of a provisional driver's license, young drivers cannot operate a vehicle carrying more than one passenger under age 20 who is not a member of their immediate family.

n Move over: Drivers must move a lane over when passing freeway service patrol, road maintenance and construction vehicles parked or stopped on a roadway.

Source: House Public Information Office