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DL motorists have coped well with Hwy 10 work

It's been a tough few weeks for motorists in Detroit Lakes, as Highway 10 construction work has required detours at both major north-south routes, Washington Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue.

Though the traffic can be maddening, the worst is almost over - much of the major work on new Highway 10 is supposed to be finished by the middle of this week to accommodate the big traffic rush that comes with WE Fest.

Paving is scheduled for this week on Roosevelt and much of the paving has already been done at the Washington Avenue-Highway 10 intersection.

For the most part, motorists have taken the delays and detours in stride, according to Detroit Lakes Police Chief Kel Keena, who says there haven't been any major incidents involving angry motorists in Detroit Lakes.

Let's keep it up. Traffic flow should improve noticeably by the middle of this week, even though major construction continues on the new frontage road and on sections of old Highway 10 in the downtown area.

Crews continue to work on the south lanes of old Highway 10 between McKinley Avenue and Jackson Avenue, where traffic is down to one lane each direction, with several four-way stop signs. This work is scheduled to last about two more weeks. Grit your teeth and try to stay pleasant.

It's nice to see motorists being civil and letting cars in ahead of them in congested areas. Keep it up.

Old Highway 10 is closed between Washington Avenue and Frazee Street. You can get to Miguel's, Burger Time and Floral Impressions from Frazee Street and McKinley Avenue. It's worth the extra effort.

Paving is set to begin this week on the new frontage road between Jackson Avenue and East Shore Drive.

At the Kris Street crossing, four-quad gates are being installed as part of the city's plans for a train whistle-free zone. The work is supposed to be done early this month.

Motorists in Detroit Lakes have been patient throughout the extensive Highway 10 project, which has involved work over several construction seasons. Give yourself a pat on the back (but not while you're driving).

This may be one of the most difficult periods yet, but hang on a few more days, and moving around the city should get a lot easier.