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Two men appear on drug charges

Two Twin Cities men will make their next appearance in Becker County District Court on Aug. 11; when they will each face three felony counts of drug possession.

Brandon Terrence VanKirk, 18, of 600 Grand Ave., St. Paul, and Justin Levi Mack, 18, of 2028 Third Ave. North, were both charged in connection with a July 24 incident on Highway 59 northbound, near Sauer Lake. A vehicle which appeared to have windows tinted more darkly than allowed by law was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy.

VanKirk, the driver, and Mack, a passenger, were both charged after 1,609 grams of marijuana and 1.3 grams of amphetamines were found inside the vehicle, along with some chocolate bunnies containing marijuana and some baked goods found to contain hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The omnibus hearing for VanKirk is set for Aug. 11; Mack's omnibus is set for Sept. 24.