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Frazee decides bear e-mail won't result in charges

FRAZEE, Minn. - No charges will be filed in the case of an angry e-mail sent to the Frazee Police Department in response to the shooting of a bear in July.

Police Chief Mike Lorsung forwarded the e-mail to the city attorney's office after the department began receiving angry reactions to the shooting of a bear that wandered into town during the community's annual Turkey Days festival.

The bear, emaciated from having a plastic jug stuck on its head for many days, was killed with one shotgun blast by a Frazee officer.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources employees said it was the appropriate course of action given efforts to trap the bear failed and tranquilizing the bear was not feasible.

Lorsung said the e-mail he forwarded to the city attorney suggested that he be shot after having a jug placed over his head.

Bill Briggs, spokesman for the city attorney's office, said after reviewing the e-mail it was decided charges would not be filed at this time.