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Other Opinions -- Minnesota's official sesquicentennial license plate unveiled in Duluth

For history buffs truly watching the clock, the unveiling of Minnesota's official sesquicentennial license plate in Duluth today may be akin to closing the barn door long after the wagon train has left. After all, the North Star State's official birthday was May 11, and thanks to the typical logjam in St. Paul, the Legislature didn't get around to approving the plate until hours before its adjournment a week later.

But let's let biomes -- the state's natural areas around which the 150th observances were centered -- be bygone, and if belated, the celebration finally comes to the Northland for the first-time display and sale of the plates.

"We're really, really happy to be doing this in Duluth, particularly at Highway 61, the most beautiful drive in Minnesota," sesquicentennial spokesman Tane Danger told the News Tribune's editorial page.

Make that near Highway 61, more or less; the event, to be attended by numerous officials, takes place at 10:30 this morning outside the Lake Superior Maritime Museum in Canal Park.

If it's too late for plate proceeds (the cost is $35) to go toward the mostly concluded sesquicentennial celebrations, the money will still be put to a good cause: the renovation of the state Capitol building, which celebrated its centennial in 2005.

Yes, we know; that effort's late, too. But think of it as a 47-year head start on the Capitol's 150th. -- Duluth News Tribune