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Kris Street crossing open; frontage road work continues

Motorists will have inside lane closures between Washington Avenue and McKinley Avenue toward the end of the week and into the following week. This allows crews to remove the temporary crossovers and install a median in that area.

A two-week work zone begins this week with single lane closures begins between the Canadian Pacific railroad bridge and Summit Avenue. Crews will be milling and paving existing pavement, followed by curb placement and crossover removal.

Highway 10/Highway 59 intersection

Crews will begin corrective paving this week. Motorists may be temporarily rerouted on city streets to pave the cross movements at the intersection. State Patrol and Detroit Lakes police will be helping to direct traffic.

Frontage Road/Old Highway 10

Crews are reconstructing a new frontage road between Frazee Street and East Shore Drive. Access to frontage road businesses will be maintained at all times using either old Highway 10 or the existing frontage road. Highway 10 traffic can access these frontage road businesses at Jackson Avenue, Corbett Road and North Shore Drive.

Crews continue to work on the north lanes of the frontage road between McKinley Avenue and Jackson Avenue. Two-lane, two-way traffic is being maintained through this area.

The intersection of the Frontage Road and McKinley Avenue is closed for approximately two weeks. Motorists should follow the signed detour.

Crews will prepare the section from Corbett Road to North Shore Drive for paving on Tuesday. The Corbett Road intersection will close on Wednesday for approximately one week to allow crews to connect that section of pavement to the rest of the frontage road.

The frontage road between North Shore Drive and East Shore Drive is closed. During this time crews will reconstruct the boat landing and overlook area, build two retaining walls between the frontage road and Big Detroit Lake, work on the new bike trail and construct the East Shore Drive/frontage road intersection. Motorists should use Highway 10 to get around the Big Detroit Lake.

McKinley Avenue

The intersection of the Frontage Road and McKinley Avenue is closed for approximately two weeks. Motorists should follow the signed detour. Sewer and water installation continue this week, and storm sewer installation will begin at the end of the week. When sewer and water utilities are installed the roadway will open with a gravel surface.

Roosevelt Avenue

Signal installation begins this week.

Kris Street

The Kris Street signals are activated, and allow motorists to complete their turns from Randolph Road on to Highway 10, and from Highway 10 on to Randolph Road. Right turns onto Kris Street will be regulated by traffic signals, and no turns will be allowed on red arrows.

When a train approaches the Kris Street railroad crossing, the traffic signals will clear motorists from the railroad crossing area. As the train moves through the crossing, the traffic signals will allow Highway 10 and Randolph Road traffic to move eastbound and westbound through the intersections. However, northbound and southbound Kris Street traffic will be restricted by red arrows and motorists will not be allowed to turn toward the railroad crossing.

The intersection is engineered for the safest and most efficient movement of traffic through the area, and is based on federal railroad pre-emption requirements. Mn/DOT technicians continue to monitor the intersection.

The next Highway 10 project update/public meeting for this construction season will be held Monday, Sept. 8, beginning at 12:30 p.m. in the Detroit Lakes City Hall.