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Reported wild boar was likely an escaped pet pig

A pig that was likely the inspiration for reports of a wild boar roaming the Detroit Lakes area was shot Tuesday morning by a woman protecting a group of horses, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Tom Kucera, assistant wildlife manager in the DNR's Detroit Lakes office, said reports of a creature said to look like a wild boar began popping up last week.

Several people reported damage to their gardens, and the mystery animal was deemed the prime suspect, he said.

On Wednesday, the DNR was notified that a woman living a few miles outside Detroit Lakes shot a pig that had been venturing onto her property and agitating her horses.

Kucera said he did not know the woman's name.

Tylor Leitheiser, whose family's property is next door to the woman's, said he didn't know her name, either, but he said she had been in contact with his father, Steve Leitheiser, earlier this week about problems the animal was causing.

After the pig was shot, Tylor Leitheiser said his father butchered it and the meat was put away in a freezer.

Based on a photo Steve Leitheiser took of the carcass with his cell phone, Kucera said the animal, estimated to have weighed about 80 pounds, was probably a domestic pot-bellied pig that escaped from its owner.

Tylor Leitheiser said the pig had a coarse, dark hide and big teeth.

"It looked like a wild boar," he said.

He said his father did some checking to make sure pot-bellied pigs were edible.

Concluding they were, Leitheiser said his father is talking about hosting a pig roast.

Earlier this summer, a police officer shot and killed a bear after it wandered into Frazee, Minn., during that community's annual Turkey Days celebration.

The bear, which had a jar stuck on its head, had been spotted in a number of places in northern Minnesota before showing up in Frazee, which is about 10 miles southeast of Detroit Lakes.

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