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4-Hers show at county fair, head for state

Becker County 4-H Youth brought in their projects and animals for judging at the Becker County Fair in July. One hundred eighty-one 4-H members exhibited 1,176 projects this year. Some of our judging events where held prior to the county fair, such as Clothing Construction and Fashion Revue, Cat and Pet Show, and the Dog Show.

4-H members are judged in three grade divisions. Beginners -- grades 3-5, Juniors -- grades 6-8, and Seniors -- grades 9-13. Grand Champion and Reserve Champion placings are awarded in each of the division in most 4-H projects. The 4-H members in grades 6 and up compete for a "Trip to the MN State Fair."

Going to the Minnesota State Fair? Be on the lookout for the following Becker County 4-H members showing their projects at the state fair.

4-H Livestock Events are Thursday, Aug. 21, through Sunday, Aug. 24.

Local 4-H'ers showing beef or dairy steers are Paige Olson -- Northern Lights 4-H Club, Emma and Nora Ulmer -- Franklin 4-H Club, Nick Butze -- Buffalo Badgers 4-H Club, Brady Okeson -- Cloverdale 4-H Club and Cody Okeson -- Cloverdale 4-H Club.

Showing goats are Melissa Stalberger -- Buffalo Badgers 4-H Club, Nathan Lacey -- Burlington Cubs 4-H Club and Justin Lehmann -- Little Rascals 4-H Club.

Showing poultry are Rachel Buhr -- Height of Land 69'ers 4-H Club, Taylor Johnson -- Happy Hillside 4-H Club, Laura Pihlaja -- Height of Land 69'ers 4-H Club, Justin Stanton -- Happy Hillside 4-H Club.

Showing rabbits are Grace Lacey -- Burlington Cubs 4-H and Kayla Lehmann -- Little Rascals 4-H.

Showing Sheep are Kelsey Anderson -- Franklin 4-H, Daniel Binde -- Franklin 4-H and Anna Veit -- Franklin 4-H.

Showing swine are Maren Anderson -- Franklin 4-H, Wyatt Kimball -- Northern Lights 4-H and Maria Veit --Franklin 4-H.

4-H'ers who will have their posters for poultry and rabbit education on display include Rachel Buhr, Mollie Byer, Samantha Byer, Laura Pihlaja and William Pihlaja, all from Height of Land 69'ers 4-H and from Burlington Cubs are Nathan Lacey and Shania Lehman.

Non-livestock 4-H encampment for Becker County is Saturday, Aug. 30, through Monday, Sept. 1. Local 4-H members participating in judging events during this encampment include in Aerospace: Zachery Eifealdt -- Happy Hillside 4-H, Child Development: Breann Hogie -- River Valley 4-H, Citizenship: Maria Veit and Kelsey Anderson -- Franklin 4-H, Creative Arts: Lauren Pederson -- Happy Hillside 4-H and Bailey Yliniemi -- Northern Lights 4-H, Dog Display: Elisabeth Peterson -- Franklin 4-H, Fashion Revue: Emily Freeh -- Franklin 4-H, Siri Freeh -- Franklin 4-H and Alexa Okeson -- Cloverdale 4-H, Food & Nutrition: Ethan VanOffelen -- Happy Hillside 4-H, Food Preservation: Megan Wold -- Cloverdale 4-H, Home Environment: Amber Christensen -- Franklin 4-H and Rebecca Schermer -- Franklin 4-H, Indoor Gardening: Carolyn McCormack -- Happy Hillside 4-H, Lawn & Landscape: Braeden Hogie -- River Valley 4-H, Needlework: Anna Veit -- Franklin 4-H, Performing Arts: Maren Anderson -- Franklin 4-H, Photography: Ayla Erickson -- Happy Hillside 4-H, Rachel Lindemann -- Happy Hillside 4-H, Potatoes: Wyatt Kimball -- Northern Lights 4-H, Quilts: Anna O'Gorman -- Happy Hillside 4-H and Emma Ulmer -- Franklin 4-H, Self Determined: Devin Lange -- Happy Hillside 4-H and Alexis Schermer -- Franklin 4-H, Shop: Levi Johnson -- Happy Hillside 4-H, Video: Abigail Krause -- Happy Hillside 4-H and Kathryn McCormack -- Happy Hillside 4-H, Wildlife/Biology: Dannon Yliniemi -- Northern Lights 4-H, Community Pride: Eric Zachariason -- River Valley 4-H.

Two club banners will also be hanging in the 4-H Building. See if you can find the ones from Cloverdale 4-H and Height of Land 69'ers.