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Letter: Thanks for Angel Tree Project

Words cannot express my gratitude to each and every one of you who participated in the "Angel Tree" project at First Lutheran Church last December. I just received my gifts last week -- I had Christmas in July and my birthday is in July.

I went south for the winter because I lost everything: church, personal belongings, marriage and job. It's called "life."

I am a missionary minister to the White Earth Indian Reservation. I have been here since 2003. Actually this is the second time First Lutheran helped me -- the first was when the Wesbrook family helped me with the "meth" outreach at the Shooting Star Casino. Lakes Mortgage has helped so many times and I praise God for their family.

While I was in Georgia, my daughter became a doctor, specializing in oncology after graduating Pharmacy School and married a fine Christian doctor who is starting residency specializing in Emergency Room Care in Michigan.

They both have a heart for medical missions. I believe within the next 4 years they will help me on the reservation.

In the meantime, I was knocked down, but not knocked out. Because of your precious gifts, I was so blessed and encouraged not to quit -- the call the Lord has placed deep in my heart.

Every item was exactly what I needed and wanted. My prayers were answered by God through you. Thank you for being loving, caring and sensitive. Everything was perfect! Whoever organized the "Angel Tree Project," to them I say a special thank you and I love you.

You have demonstrated true, pure Christian love and I know you pleased God.

When my life is over all I want to hear is "Well done my good and faithful steward." You not only blessed me but your seeds of love is reaching out to bless others.

I will tell this testimony to many to encourage them in their time of need.

I'm selling the Callaway Store to pay off all my debt and buying another small piece of property to keep my dream alive -- I love being part of the northern Minnesota area.

Just know I haven't left and I appreciate your not only hearing the Word, but doing the Word. Love in Christ. -- Elaine Pechnik, Buford, GA, Bejou and Callaway