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Man sentenced to prison for stealing, selling cars

Matthew Curtis Pederson, 22, of Town Lake, Lot 11, Box 51, Lake Park has been sentenced to prison for stealing two cars and selling them for scrap.

He was charged with two felony counts of theft of a motor vehicle, value exceeding $2,500.

On Aug. 2, 2007, he and a juvenile entered residential property in Becker County and hauled away two vehicles -- a 1990 Chevy Blazer, valued at $2,375, and a 1993 Dodge Caravan, valued at $2,770.

They sold them both to a Downer, Minn., scrap dealer, who paid $174 for the Blazer and $154 for the Caravan, according to court records.

On July 30, Pederson pleaded guilty to the first count, and the second count was dropped in a plea agreement.

On Thursday, District Judge Peter Irvine sentenced him to 13 months in prison, executed at the defendant's request, in conjunction with a separate federal case, according to court records.

He was granted credit for 154 days served in jail, and fined $50 plus court fees. He must pay $3,387 in restitution from his prison earnings.