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Duluth council votes to allow chickens to be kept in city

The Duluth City Council has voted 6-3 to allow chickens to be kept within the city.

Who can have chickens? Residents in single-family homes, but not in apartments or in duplexes, may keep up to five chickens. They must first pass a city inspection for a license, which will cost $10 annually.

What are the rules? Chickens must be kept in coops within a fenced enclosure with protective overhead netting. There must be 10 square feet of space per chicken. Coops must be kept clean and sanitary. No roosters, nor killing of chickens, will be allowed. Licenses will be revoked for nuisance chickens.

How did they vote? Voting for chickens were councilors Jeff Anderson, Tony Cuneo, Roger Reinert, Sharla Gardner, Greg Gilbert and Jim Stauber. Opposing them were Jay Fosle, Garry Krause and Todd Fedora.

What's next? The ordinance takes effect in about six weeks.