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Grand opening set for new Becker County DFL office

The Becker County DFL will be celebrating a grand opening for its new headquarters at 1201 Washington Avenue on Thursday from 6:30 pm until 10 pm.

"It is easy to find-the DFL headquarters, it's right on the corner of Willow and Washington in the old Movie Review building," said Brenda Menier, associate chair of the Becker County DFL.

The celebration will coincide with the last night of the Democratic national Convention, and the local DFL unit will have a large screen TV at the headquarters.

"Local DFLers will be able to watch DFL presidential candidate Barack Obama as he delivers his acceptance speech in front of nearly 80,000 people at Invesco Field in Denver," said Dave Erickson, chair of the Becker County DFL. "This is the first time in the history of the Democratic Party that an acceptance speech will be delivered in front of an audience that large. And it is the first time in the history of the Becker County DFL that we have had a grand opening of the magnitude."

"The grand opening will generate much enthusiasm locally as we organize, inform, and get the vote out between now and November 4," Erickson continued. "I urge DFLers and Obama supporters to come on over and watch the speech on the big screen and enjoy some refreshments and unity with our Becker County DFL unit."

Attendees will be able to pick up yard signs, bumper stickers and pins. Voter registration will also be available. "And of course, we intend to sign up as many volunteers as we can for our phone banks, door knockers, yard sign placement and other campaign duties," Erickson added.

"The excitement surrounding this speech and this candidate is amazing," said Menier. "Obama brings the promise of a return of common sense and team work in terms of foreign policy and a much more rational approach to domestic issues such as health care and energy." The DFL feels a great year coming on and Menier affirmed that by adding, "We are very excited winning the presidency and we feel great about all of our Democratic candidates as we all work towards gaining larger margins in the state legislature and in Congress."