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Cirrus Design cuts 100 jobs in Duluth, Grand Forks

Cirrus Design Corp. let go of 100 workers this week in a wave of cuts that company president and chief operating officer Brent Wouters said would be completed this afternoon.

The Duluth-based airplane manufacturer trimmed the size of its workforce by about 8 percent through the reductions.

"We're dealing with some straight-forward realities," Wouters said. "We're in a difficult economic environment that has impacted the aviation business. We're not selling as many airplanes as we'd hoped to this year."

The cuts will result in the loss of 71 jobs in Duluth and 29 in Grand Forks, where Cirrus produces composite components for its airplanes.

Following the staff reductions, Cirrus will employ 1,230 people companywide, including 980 in Duluth and 250 in Grand Forks.