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New Quizno's owners deliver

The local Quizno's franchise might not seem different to the average customer.

A few changes took place recently and not insignificant ones either.

Gary and Barb Litzau took over as owners of the shop along Roosevelt Avenue and the old Highway 10 on June 30.

"It was a long process," Gary Litzau said. "I definitely enjoy it and so far it's been good."

At least for Gary, he likes the chance to work on his own.

"I like the challenge, also," he said.

For Gary, it started when he happened when he was going to McDonald's with his son. Instead of hitting the burger joint, his son suggested Quizno's for a change.

"I was looking around and I thought 'this would be a fun place to own,'" Gary said.

That took place on a Saturday and on the following Monday, Gary happened upon an ad in The Forum. The ad was lacking detail and it stated was that there was a fast food business in the Detroit Lakes area for sale.

Curiosity got to Gary and he talked with the owner and eventually made the deal.

The other major change for the Litzaus came just a few weeks ago when the store launched a delivery service in Detroit Lakes -- a rarity for a national chain other than a pizza place.

Even within the Quizno's chain, at least locally, the Litzaus are on the cutting edge as far as offering a delivery service.

"A lot of the franchises haven't started it," Gary said. "We started about two and a half weeks ago. St. Cloud hasn't started offering it yet and Fargo hasn't started it. We're pretty excited about it."

The Litzaus are embracing technology when it comes to their delivery service. Orders can be taken online, through fax, or the old standby, through a phone call.

Gary isn't new to the restaurant business. He said he owned a pizza shop for eight years in Park Rapids some time ago.

He also worked for the Shooting Star Casino for nine years and Grand Casinos for eight years.

A big challenge for the Litzaus has been staffing. Unlike most other Quizno's, they work regular shifts because someone aged 18 or over needs to be in the store at all times during business hours.

"I was hard to spread myself through all of the shifts to keep it covered," Barb Litzau said.

She also helps out with the accounting. But, she said, that at least for the first year of operation, the store has to pick one of four Quizno's-approved accounting firms to look over the books.

Payroll also goes through another company, at least for the first year.

One challenge that could have been devastating, but hasn't had a great impact, is the constructing along Highway 10. Currently the main frontage road is torn up in front of the store.

Access from the main stretch of the new highway is tough as the closest turnoffs are at McKinley Avenue on the west and Corbett Road to the east.

"Even with the construction, it still has been a good summer," Gary said.

He added: "With the construction, we'll be glad when it's over. But we're also in a good part of town because of Central Market, the liquor store is close by, and also McDonald's."