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Sandbar II hosts annual firemen's dance

There'll be dancing, something to drink, good music and plenty of fun.

Sandbar II is hosting the annual Firemen's Dance Friday evening.

Before the dance, which is open to everyone and anyone, there is a steak dinner, for the firefighters and guests. Then it's time for the music.

"They are having October Road, which is a pretty big band around here," Sandbar II co-owner George Jones said.

All proceeds from the gate go to the firemen. People can buy tickets at the door for the band, which are $5.

"It's 100 percent all to them," he said of the fire department. "It's kind of a neat deal."

This is the fifth year the Sandbar II has hosted the dance.

Sales at the gate itself, besides the pre-sale tickets, has made around $1,500 for the fire department in the past, Jones said.

"Anybody can come, so anybody is invited," he added.