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Ponsford man appears on domestic assault charges

A Ponsford man will make his next appearance Sept. 22 in Becker County District Court on two felony counts of domestic assault.

John William Butcher, 25, of 28050 490th Ave., Ponsford, was charged in connection with an Aug. 20 incident in which officers were called to investigate a burning vehicle at his residence. Upon their arrival, the officers heard a female crying for help inside the home, and responded. They found a man (Butcher) yelling and a female crying; the man's arm was cocked back as though he was about to strike the woman, who was crouched by the refrigerator.

According to the complaint, Butcher fought with the officers who were trying to arrest him and bring him to jail. Subsequent investigation revealed that he had allegedly dragged the victim to the kitchen by the hair, punched and kicked her in the face numerous times and wrapped a phone cord around her neck as though he were planning to strangle her. The defendant had been previously convicted of assault in 2002, in Clearwater County.