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Tale of two kitties, part II

Welcome back to the bark side of life here in Ottertail, where deer nonchalantly graze on fresh soil beans and leaves across the road from Rosswood. A bovine beast is escorted down County Highway 1 to its awaiting barn somewhere east of us, and greedy Gold Finches gorge themselves for their eventual flight south. All is well and life marches on in its own cadence; the seasonal change is subtle at first but becomes more profound when the wicked winds of winter begin to blow.

A water pail hangs unscathed in a kennel occupied by the infamous Toby. He's still smiling... for now. It's time to conclude Shirley Johnson's tale of two kitties. Now, we return to her story.

The first day of the trip was not without incident. We hit a huge eight-point deer at Yankton, S.D., and were stranded in a motel for three days. Now, these two kitties did not really like each other. Trouble was used to being No. 1, when here comes this pesky little fur ball. But they tolerated each other.

I will now skip to mid-January. We had never had a small kitten and whether it was because she was feral or just being a kitten, she literally climbed the walls. For awhile she thought her name was "Catti No No."

Luckily while at the motel, she became very accustomed to her crate and that was our saving grace. When we would have to leave, she would go in her crate and at night she slept all night in her crate. All the time poor Trouble was wondering what was going on. They did have their good times when they shared their food and water, so we thought things would just get better.

Putting up with Catti's antics all winter long we managed to survive, but she did get outside about three times and we sometimes wondered why we went out and looked for her -- but we always brought her back. By this time she had wormed her way into our hearts. After we got back to Minnesota, we had Catti spayed and like a miracle, she calmed down and things were back to normal around the house. Trouble and Catti got used to each other and even once in a while they touched noses, so there was always hope. And by now, we loved our Catti Cat too.

About a week ago, Trouble was not feeling well, so we took her in for a check up and it was bad. She had a tumor in a bad spot and there was no question what we had to do. It was a tough week, but she just quit eating so the time had come.

We came home and fed Catti for the first time without her companion -- here comes the logic. Trouble had a double dish for food and water. Catti had a separate dish, but always shared the water. I told her she could now have Trouble's dish, so I filled it.

When I came back, she was licking out her empty dish; totally ignoring the food dish. I picked her up and showed her the food, but she still wouldn't eat it. I took it out and put it in her dish and she gobbled it up. She was not taking any chances of the big kitty coming around the corner.

Catti seems to be missing our Trouble Cat, but we do believe there was a reason for her coming into our yard last October. This story is dedicated to the memory of our beautiful Trouble Cat (Aug. 7, 1993-July 11. 2008), whom we will love forever.

I'm reminded of the adage that when one door closes, another one opens. It is so in life that in the larger scheme of things, there is a reason for all that happens. Thank you very much for such a touching tale, Shirley. Trouble more than likely will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge for you and Sherman.

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