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Crisis Center to build DL shelter

DETROIT LAKES - Without the city's support, Director Jan Logan said, the Lakes Crisis and Resource Center would not be looking at relocating and building a shelter.

Tuesday evening in a special meeting, the Detroit Lakes City Council voted in favor of donating a piece of land along Eighth Street to the LCRC for a shelter and offices.

The two-acre parcel of land, located at the corner of Eighth Street and Highland Drive, is "not anything we need to hang onto for public purposes," Community Development Director Larry Remmen said.

The city purchased the land for $5,500 in 1993 to run water and sewer to the Riverside Addition.

The city made clear that although it was donating the land to the LCRC, it was not necessarily donating water and sewer hookup services.

Alderman Bruce Imholte also noted that the city would like acknowledgment for the land donation when the shelter and offices are built.

When asked, aldermen said they were fine donating the land to the crisis center.

"They're worthwhile. They do a good job," Walt Tollefson said.

Logan said she must raise money for the shelter and center, but once built, the agency will move its offices to that location as well.

"In researching other shelters throughout Minnesota, (it's best) the entire agency moves to be together," she said she found.

She added that she will be meeting with an architect this week to determine details of the facility and a possible timeline for the project.

"We're grateful. Our entire staff is appreciative," she said of the city's donation of land. "Without the city's support, this wouldn't have become a reality."