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Letter: Obama is more like you and I

I am very surprised the recent polls came out with Sen. McCain leading Sen. Obama in North Dakota by 14 points, and with both candidates pretty even in Minnesota, considering that McCain voted against the recent farm bill.

I traveled North Dakota and Minnesota for 38 years as a representative for Lee Jeans and Data Transmission Co., so I indirectly and then directly depended on the farmers' income.

I think a lot of people are like me in one way or another -- we depend on the farmer as a source of income. Pray tell me, then, why would you vote for somebody who voted against the farm bill?

There is an old saying: "How the farmer goes, so goes Main Street." I voted for President Bush, but I believe it is time for a change. Take a look at your sons or daughters or grandchildren. There is a good chance they will be in a war if McCain is elected.

President Bush and many deceptions got us into this mess and McCain will most likely continue his ways. I am not a total peace activist, I spent four years in active duty and my wife spent three years. I am tired of our young people dying and money spent for nothing. Voting for Sen. McCain will most likely continue these policies.

I don't think he is like you and I -- he has seven homes and 13 cars. The Obamas have one car between them. Who is more like you and I? -- John Wesbrook, Detroit Lakes