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Dozens come out in favor of N.D. tobacco control measure

BISMARCK -- Organizers of the tobacco prevention and control initiative made a show of force Monday, announcing more than 40 groups and individuals around the state who are backing Measure 3.

If passed, Measure 3 will devote a new 10-year bonus tobacco settlement fund to stopping cigarette smoking in the state. The result will be fewer people smoking, and savings to the state in health care costs and fewer shortened lives, they said.

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in North Dakota, they said.

The Support Tobacco Prevention Committee announced their 40-plus allies in Fargo and Bismarck events.

Supporters include the North Dakota Medical Association, North Dakota Nurses Association, North Dakota Dental Associtaion and several other groups of physicians, pharmacists and others in the health care field. They also include the University of North Dakota Medical School, March of Dimes, American Lung Association of North Dakota, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, regional public health units, hospitals, AARP, Farmers Union and many others.