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'Explosives' box is false alarm

The saga of the box marked "explosives" ended with a whimper, not a bang on Friday in Detroit Lakes.

It was a soggy whimper at that. A bomb squad team from Crow Wing County took the metal box to a city gravel pit off Highway 59 and blasted it open with a water charge.

A water charge was used to prevent any sparking that could have set off explosives. As it turned out, there were no explosives in the hinged, locked box. It contained personal papers, tools, and similar items.

While cleaning out a house during an estate sale at 322 East Main St. in Detroit Lakes on Friday, a family discovered the locked box marked "explosives."

The homeowner had reportedly worked in a job at one time where explosives were used.

Family members carried the box upstairs and outside before calling police, which resulted in a bomb squad from Crow Wing County being called in and a large area around the house being evacuated for safety reasons.