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Coleman said bailout vote worth re-election risk

Sen. Norm Coleman says his support of a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry could ruin his chances to be re-elected.

Coleman, who spoke Tuesday morning on WDAY's "Ben and Jim Show," says based on calls from constituents that it would have been easy to vote against the measure last week.

Voting for the bailout was difficult because "when you avert a calamity, nobody sees it," Coleman said.

However, Coleman said he'd rather lose an election than endanger the economy. Plenty of people are angry about his vote but doing nothing would be irresponsible, he said.

In addition, the senator - who is facing a challenge from Al Franken and former Sen. Dean Barkley in next month's election - said that if Congress failed to act that many more people would have pointed fingers at the "idiots who didn't do anything."