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Detroit Lakes native aims for 'Real' love

Get ready for Fargo's next cultural ambassador: Cornfed.

That was the nickname given to Abbi Noah, a 25-year-old Detroit Lakes High School graduate and current Fargo resident, on the VH1 reality show "Real Chance of Love." The show stars former reality-TV contestants Ahmad and Kamal Givens, brothers better known respectively as Real and Chance.

"I guess I was categorized as a country girl," says Noah, who says Real and Chance pegged her as "Cornfed" because they were under the impression that cornbread is a staple of North Dakota diets.

The nine-episode program, which premieres at 8 p.m. on Monday, calls for the brothers to select a potential lover from a group of 17 contestants who temporarily live in a Los Angeles mansion and participate in competitions designed to whittle down the field.

It's not clear, based on the promotional videos for the show, if the end goal is to tap one woman for the pair or one woman for each bro. Noah, however, says each gets to choose his own.

"That's kind of the mystery behind the show," she says.

There's little else Noah can dish about before it airs. Like all reality contestants, she had to sign a contract promising not to divulge details of the outcome. But she didn't have to stay completely silent.

Looking for love

By Noah's account, "Real Chance of Love" is a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off, though a VH1 press release for the show manages to add two additional spin-offs in that chain. But the Fargo creative hair designer wasn't angling for the next offshoot. She wanted to find true love. No, seriously, she says.

"It's funny. A lot of people say you can't find love on a reality show. I think you can," Noah says. "I'm a true believer. God puts you in situations for a reason."

Since first seeing them on "I Love New York," Noah had a crush on the Givens brothers, and she's wanted to be on a reality show since watching "Real World" on MTV. Producers selected her for a second look from 30,000 applications, dug her accent at an audition in Detroit, and tapped her for taping that began in mid-July.

Drama queens

Despite being crying-prone, Noah worried she wouldn't be dramatic enough to have a central role on the show, which she says features "a lot of catfights." She wanted to be herself, and she's just not the type to look for trouble.

Trouble soon found her, though.

"They find everything to fight with you about," she says of the "big personalities" on "Real Chance." "As much as I didn't want to be in the drama, I got in on it because I got attacked."

Zipping lips

Since returning home from L.A. - Noah's first trip to California - it's been tough not being able to talk about it.

"Honestly, it drives you crazy. It tires you out," she says.

In part because of her forced reticence, friends and family have been watching promos for the show closely. A quote from Noah in one of the commercials in which she questions the availability of good-looking men in Fargo, for instance, got her in trouble with a co-worker's husband.

"It sounds worse than it really is," she says of the clip, which was culled from a much longer interview.

"I meant, like, single guys," she says with a laugh. "I'm going to have to deadbolt my door."


- What: "Real Chance of Love"

- When: 8 p.m. Monday

- Channel: VH1 (Ch. 19 on cable, ch. 335 on DirecTV and ch. 162 on DISH Network)

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