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Tails contest winners

Welcome back to the bark side of life here in Ottertail where the temps are beginning to slide down that slippery slope. The outside water has been turned off now and the Rosswood choir has moved either into the garage or the outside kennels behind the house.

The thundering trucks on County Hwy 1 have diminished to an occasional one now and then. The quiet days are ahead of us; except for those baying hounds of mine who feel they must announce the arrival of siren wielding vehicles with a mournful chorus of their own.

I don't think I mention the fine staff at the Detroit Lakes Tribune enough. They come up with the catchy titles of my columns... very seldom do I name them. Their creative talents are far superior to mine. Thanks to Vicki Gerdes and to Nathan Bowe for their tireless support. This column wouldn't be the success it has been without them.

The "Logic vs. Instinct" contest is officially over now. I've said before that you can call me and tell me your tale over the phone and I would do my best to make it a tale worth telling.

Keith Bellefeuille of Detroit Lakes told me a story over the phone about a dog named Boots that utilized logic in order to cross the Buffalo River back in the days shortly after WW2. He wins 3rd place with a charming tale about two teenage boys and their dog.

Second place goes to a young lady named Abby Krause, also of Detroit Lakes. She had a two part tale about how instinct played an important role in bring in a rebellious sheep to its pen. This modern day Bo Peep told a story in a manner that would make any English Teacher proud and if she want to pursue it, writing for a living. Way to go Abby.

Although it wasn't a category, it seems this year's winner touched upon a subject that might find its own contest someday. Doria Bakken of Frazee wrote about a beagle that seemed to not only understand English but also had psychic powers of her own. Jo Jo the Beagle will have an encore column next week and the next two winners will have theirs the following weeks. Congratulations everyone.

You may be wondering just what these fine folks won for their literary efforts? The Detroit Lakes Tribune is awarding "Chamber Bucks" to the three winners. Along with their "bucks" I have the honor to bestow a 20 lb bag of Tuffy's Nutri-Source dog or cat food. I feed all the Rosswood dogs this pet food.

The winners can reach me at my usual numbers. Email me at or write to me Keith Alan Ross, Richville MN 56576 or phone me, like Keith Bellefeuille did, at 218-495-2195. I will tell you where you can pick up your prizes.

The next contest will start at the end of the year. I've been playing around with two concepts and will announce which of those two we will be pursuing. I would like to thank all the participants who sent me tales this year. You may have no idea how hard it is to choose only three winners; then again, you may know exactly how difficult the judging can be.

Until Next Time.