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Campaign fliers placed in Frazee-Vergas mailboxes illegally

Fliers supporting three Frazee-Vergas School Board candidates who opposed the district's operating referendum have been appearing in voter's mailboxes.

"It's starting to become a bit of a buzz," said Superintendent Deron Stender.

The fliers ask voters to vote for Brenda Como, Karen Riggle and Julie Slevin in the Nov. 4 election. The flier states that they are paid for by the women's combined campaign.

Riggle called DL Newspapers on Friday to say that she had been placing the newspapers in mailboxes and newspaper tubes if no one was home when she was out knocking on doors.

She said it was an innocent mistake and that she did not realize that it was a problem to put material in mailboxes and newspaper tubes.

"I'll stop -- I'm not doing that anymore," she said.

Placing material in mailboxes that is not paid postage is illegal, according to federal law.

DL Newspapers also does not allow materials to be placed in its home-delivery tubes without permission.

Como and Slevin were not involved and didn't know about it, they said.

"To my knowledge, none of us have been doing it," Slevin said.

The yellow one-page campaign piece is the same one that was inserted in Wednesday's Becker County Record. It urges voters to put the three women on the school board to promote fiscal accountability.

Stender said that he's received two reports of fliers in mailboxes and the Frazee Post Office has had one complaint Friday.

He said that voters might not know that the fliers are illegal because of the deluge of paid political ads that show up during election season.

"There is so much political stuff going on, and people don't know the difference," Stender said.