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Man impales self with arrow in accident near Hitterdal

HITTERDAL - A man who accidentally impaled himself on an arrow near Hitterdal, Minn., has been transported to a local hospital.

The man was bow hunting and was going through a corn field when it began pouring. He was headed back to his truck when one of the arrows came out of his quiver, Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist said.

"It must have hit the ground and somehow it jammed into his inner thigh on his leg," Bergquist said.

Authorities began trying to find the man about 6 p.m., but initially had difficulty locating him, Bergquist said. The man was conscious when he was found about two miles east of Hitterdal with an arrow in his inner thigh, Bergquist said.

The man's identity and condition are unknown.