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In LP-A, building bond defeated, but its top supporters win seats on school board

Talk about a mixed message: The building bond referendum in Lake Park-Audubon was defeated, 55 percent to 45 percent, but three candidates who publicly supported it won the school board election.

The top vote-getter was incumbent Dale Binde of rural Lake Park, with 1,345 votes, or 18 percent of votes cast in the seven-person contest.

Coming in second was Darrel Pederson of Lake Park with 1,237 votes, or 16.5 percent.

The third place winner was Bryan Anderson of Lake Park, with 1,196 votes, or 16 percent.

Those three won four-year terms on the LP-A School Board.

George Kohn of Audubon came in fourth with 1,072 votes, or 14.3 percent.

Close behind was Dan Hughes of Cormorant with 1,047 votes, or just under 14 percent.

Carmen Walter of Audubon received 842 votes, or 11.2 percent, and Monica LaPoint of Lake Park received 737 votes, or just under 10 percent.

There were 12 write-in votes.

The bond referendum received 1,590 no votes, or just over 55 percent.

There were 1,297 yes votes, or just under 45 percent.

Superintendent Dale Hogie was at the courthouse watching the results come in Tuesday evening.

"I think under the economic circumstances, I'm not disappointed in getting more than 40 percent of the voters to vote yes," he said. "I think that's a very positive signal that patrons of our school district are behind us. Under different economic circumstances, I think we probably would have had a majority."

He was optimistic about the new and returning school board members.

"The three candidates will serve the district well," he said. "They have shown that they value the interest of the students. I'm very glad we have individuals coming on the board that are strong supporters of our school district."