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Laine re-elected; Jepson, Janu top vote-getters in Frazee school race

The majority of voters in the Frazee-Vergas School District went with the more known names around town, as they elected Steve Jepson and Keith Janu to the board, and re-elected Dana Laine to her seat.

"I'm very happy the elec-tion turned out for me and I have the opportunity to work with the school and commu-nity," Jepson said.

Jepson took a majority of the votes, with 1,644. Janu came in second with 1,158 votes, while Laine held onto her spot with 878 votes.

"I'm excited, I'm happy and I'm proud to serve," Laine said. She thanked the voters and said she's happy to continue service to the school district.

Jepson said Frazee-Vergas has a quality school, and he added that he's happy with those elected and is looking forward to working with them and will see positive changes.

"I'm very happy and I want to thank the people of Frazee. I'm happy people disseminated some of the information they were given and voted in my favor," Janu said. With 11 candidates, he added, no one knew for sure who would be elected until the final votes where counted.

"I've never been accused of not working hard. I will work very hard for the people of Frazee district," he said.

Those running in the elec-tion included incumbent Laine, Jason Bauer, Julie Slevin, Janu, Jepson, Carey Alger, Corey Baker, Brenda Como, Karen Riggle, Dennis De Nio and Todd Sisson.

The other two empty seats on the board came from LaRaye Anderson and Mike Heimenz, who did not seek re-election.

The breakdown of the remaining votes is as follows: Todd Sisson with 343 votes, Carey Alger with 360 votes, Corey Baker with 320 votes, Brenda Como with 788 votes, Karen Riggle with 689 votes, Julie Slevin with 682, Jason Bauer with 515 votes and Dennis De Nio with 280 votes. There were also 20 write-in votes.