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Detroit Lakes gives $30,000 to Crisis Center shelter

After receiving a $1 million donation to put toward new office spaces and a shelter for the Lakes Crisis and Resource Center, the city agreed to donate a piece of land to the organization.

"After investigating that site, the crisis center found it wasn't suitable," City Administrator Bob Louiseau said Wednesday evening during a Detroit Lakes City Council meeting.

With a new donated piece of land on Pelican Lane, the crisis center was back before the council last week to ask for a waiver of special assessments against the property. There is $61,000 in deferred assessments against the property at 1339 Pelican Lane.

Instead of a waiver, the city council voted in favor of a $30,000 donation to the crisis center. The reason behind the donation was to avoid waiving assessments on the entire 11-acre piece of land, which could be subdivided some day and used for other purposes.

"It's extremely generous and we're extremely grateful for that donation," Crisis Center Executive Director Jan Logan said.

The $30,000 will come from the liquor store fund, which is used often to support donations from the city.

"It's really great we can do these types of things and not use taxpayers' money," Mayor Larry Buboltz said. Then he added with a laugh, "so if everyone can go buy a six pack, that'd be great."

Also at the Detroit Lakes City Council meeting:

-- Chief of Police Kel Keena said there will be a Level 3 predatory offender meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the Minnesota State Community & Technical College, room C101.

There will be a 30 minute presentation, specific information about Robert Baca being released from prison and moving back to Detroit Lakes and time for questions from the public.

-- Council approved a first reading of an ordinance establishing fees for emergency fire protection services. The ordinance will amend the city's code on billing and collection, chapter 300, section 306.05.

The addition to the ordinance is that if a fire service charge remains unpaid for 30 days after notice of delinquency is sent, the council can certify to charge to the county auditor on or before Oct. 15 of each year, and the auditor "is responsible for remitting to the city all charges collected on behalf of the city."

-- The council approved a resolution for establishing 2009 electric rates. The increase is due to an increase in the city's wholesale power rates from both Western Area Power Administration and Missouri River Energy Service.

Residential per kwh will increase 1.2 cents, large commercial will increase .6 cents, off-peak will increase .6 cents and the average total will increase .82 cents. The increases will cover the over $1.4 million projected increase in wholesale power costs.

-- Lee Kessler was appointed to the Detroit Lakes Planning Commission, replacing s Ginny Imholte who has served three three-year terms and therefore cannot be reappointed.