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Level 3 sex offender moves to St. Paul

Robert Baca

A Level 3 sex offender who was the focus of a community notification meeting on Monday has left Detroit Lakes, apparently for good.

Robert Baca, 44, took a bus bound for St. Paul about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, said Detroit Lakes Police Chief Kel Keena. Baca has decided not to make Detroit Lakes his home.

He served an 111-month term for raping a woman at his apartment house in Detroit Lakes in 1996.

He was released from prison and arrived in Detroit Lakes Tuesday.

Regardless of where he eventually lives, he must check in weekly with law enforcement in that jurisdiction for the next 10 years, and make them aware of his address, if he goes to school, where he works, what kind of vehicle he is driving, and any changes in his appearance.

While Baca was the first Level 3 offender in Detroit Lakes, he wasn't the only sex offender. There are 49 registered predatory offenders in Detroit Lakes and 87 in Becker County. There are 14,000 predatory offenders registered in Minnesota.