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Think your taxes are high? It could be worse if you lived in...

If you think Alexandria's taxes are way too high, here's a tiny bit of comfort: It's worse in similar-sized cities around the state.

According to information from the League of Minnesota Cities, Alexandria's tax rate is the third lowest among 20 cities with populations ranging from 8,283 (Detroit Lakes) to 19,040 (Willmar). Alexandria's 2007 population is 11,481.

The only cities with lower rates were Detroit Lakes and Willmar.

The cities with the highest tax rates included Virginia, Grand Rapids, Waseca, New Ulm and Little Falls.

Even though Alexandria's tax rate is low, the amount of local government aid (LGA) it gets from the state pales in comparison to what other cities receive.

Of the 19 cities that received LGA in 2008, Alexandria's amount, $1.34 million, ranked third lowest, trailing only Detroit Lakes ($919,647) and Grand Rapids ($1.2 million).

The lower-than-average tax rate also applies here if you factor in other taxing authorities, including the school district, county and sewer district. Alexandria's tax rate then ranks as second lowest, trailing only behind Detroit Lakes.