Weather Forecast


Near-blizzard conditions to hit Park Rapids

Get ready for Round 2 from the Grinch.

Park Rapids residents and our neighbors - after all, it's the season to share - will wake up to snow Saturday, with "near-blizzard conditions" expected by Saturday afternoon that will persist into Sunday. Seven inches of new snow is predicted.

National Weather Service meteorologist Geoffrey Grochocinski said there is a silver lining: "Overall it doesn't look as bad as last weekend," he said.

By dawn Saturday, Grochocinski said much of the snow will have fallen, starting after midnight tonight, but it will continue to fall throughout much of Saturday.

"Basically we're looking for snow total amounts of seven inches for that area but the wind won't really pick up until late Saturday," he said. "So by that time most of the snow will have fallen.

"By the time the winds pick up there still will be some snow falling and that's going to carry a lot of that fluffy snow on the ground and kick it up into the air, so that's when the poor visibility will start."

Grochocinski said there will be "near-blizzard conditions" from Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Law enforcement authorities have already issued preliminary weekend travel advisories for holiday travelers headed over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house.