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Habitat family nestles into its new home

The most recent Habitat for Humanity family in the Detroit Lakes area is the Shawn and Tresa Ohman family.

The Shawn and Tresa Ohman family are celebrating Christmas in their new house.

The latest recipients of a Habitat for Humanity house, the family was able to move in, and their house was dedicated on Sunday.

"It's bitterly cold out, and it's hard to move in the dead of winter," Shawn Ohman said. "But it's the best Christmas present we've ever had, that's for sure."

"That was our goal, to get them in by Christmas time, and several of us didn't think we'd make it, but everything came together and we got it done," said Steve Hanson, Habitat for Humanity of the Detroit Lakes Area president.

The house is 99.9 percent finished, Hanson said. Ohman said it's only "cosmetic things outside" that need finishing.

Next spring there still needs to be some landscaping done, a few things on the shed finished and "little, little tiny stuff" needing completion, Hanson added.

"In one day, we'll have it all done next spring," he said.

The project went very well overall, Hanson said. Dynamic Homes provided the top portion of the house, and volunteers built and finished the basement.

Groundbreaking for the house was Aug. 28.

The 28-by-48-foot house, finished upstairs and downstairs, hosts two bedrooms upstairs and four bedrooms downstairs, the largest Habitat home built by the Detroit Lakes chapter. Full bathrooms on both levels, with living room and kitchen upstairs and family room downstairs, complete the house.

Along with their parents, the house will be home to children Mike, Reagan, Kaysee, Chuck, Angel, Eli and Pete.

Since Dynamic Homes did most of the work on the upper part of the house, the Ohman adults didn't quite meet the required 250 hours of sweat equity each, Ohman said. The plan is to help on the next house, but even if they had gotten their hours in, there was still a plan to help on the next house. Habitat helped them, so they will help Habitat.

"We said we were going to (help) regardless," Ohman said.

"We want to give special recognition to Dynamic Homes and to Brian Hanson at UBC (now Pro-Build). Without Brian, the project never would have gotten done," Steve Hanson said. "We had over 100 volunteers working on the house, but Brian went way above and beyond."

"It's beautiful. Dynamic did a great job, and Brian did on the lower level," agreed Ohman.