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Out of work? Check out this agency

Rural Minnesota CEP has received funding to continue helping laid-off workers through its Dislocated Worker Programs, which can help laid-off and unemployed workers as well as low-income and under-employed workers increase their job skills and find employment.

Program services include resume building, skills assessment, job search and job training.

According to Huldy Sannes, team leader at the RMCEP Detroit Lakes: "We have already begun to see an increase in unemployed and laid-off workers in out WorkForce Center resource room, and are expecting the numbers to continue to increase in the immediate future. We can provide access to the labor market through resources that are crucial for job seekers to make decisions on with their employment and training needs."

For the past 40 years, RMCEP has been a recognized leader in workforce development, serving the 19 county area of north central and west central Minnesota. RMCEP works to identify and implement strategies that prepare the workforce to meet the needs of the region's employers. Services are delivered through WorkForce Centers where companies, workers and entrepreneurs can come together to create a competitive advantage.

For more information, contact Huldy Sannes at or 218-846-7377. RMCEP is located at 801 Roosevelt Avenue, Detroit Lakes.